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Roller Error?



  • OJ

    Christine The error usually means that the knitting is coming out of the machine unevenly because the yarn end has been left in the clamp or for some other reason. If the yarn isn't in the clamp, the error can be cleared by pausing the machine and giving the knitting a tug on the short side. 

    It could also mean that a piece of yarn or other debris is interfering with the roller. This happened to me soon after I got my machine. I hadn't completely removed a swatch. A piece of yarn broke off and eventually got twisted around the rod that supports the roller. I found the yarn by using a mirror to view the roller from below (with door open so machine wouldn't operate). The yarn almost looked like a piece of lint. After I found the yarn I realized I could also see it from above. I ended up removing the yarn from above with a pair of tweezers after running the roller in reverse (Roll -1 cm). It hasn't happened since, so this is probably rare.

    If the light in the room gets very low, I'll also get a roll error. I guess because the roller has a light sensor? Turning the room light on clears the error!

    The indicator lights are to the left of the yarn clamp. I believe a light is either red or flashes red if you haven't cleared the error.

  • Christine

    Thanks @OJ! 

    I will check for stuck yarns. It may also be the light issue? The lights in the machine room are motion activated, so it can sometimes get dark in the middle of a knit.


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