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This wait is tiresome



  • Jeni Allison

    Hi Jason,

    I've asked this question about whether pre-orders are being sidelined in favour of new buyers directly and this was the response - "It is true we've had to prioritize new sales on some occasions to keep the company going, but we are mostly allocating these new sales to refunded machines, that take the position from older sales."

    Take from that what you will. I'm still waiting and there's quite a few of us on the facebook group who were either kickstarter or early pre-order customers still waiting with no set dates for delivery. 


  • Birgit Heese

    Now we know that this is exactly what they do! Isn't there any way to force them to deliver our machines first? I've been waiting since 2017...

  • Ecologie UK

    Hello all!

    I have decided, after a long deliberation, to sell my Kniterate machine. I have had the machine for a couple of years, and have shredded lots of yarn in the beginning, then knitted lots of swatches and finally knitted a small collection of accessories (several hundred pieces), which I sold. I am now moving on to new pastures, with a change in direction and a new lifestyle and the machine no longer fits.

    I was originally in batch 5 - don't ask how I got my machine so quickly; its a long story. I paid GBP10k for it and am hoping to sell it for £8k. I cannot organise international shipping - I paid almost £1000 for shipping from China - it is too complicated and expensive, so the machine needs to stay in the UK. I have a platform with industrial casters that it can be moved on, so transit in a van with a tail lift is no problem.

    Anyone interested please get in touch. I'm happy to share pics and files of the things I have made and to answer any questions. 


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