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Transport and Workshop conditions


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  • Gerard Rubio

    Hi Anna, the machine is not clamped into the crate strong enough to support tilting it. You'd have to remove the machine from the shipping box first to fit into your lift. Tipping the machine on itself is ok.

    The noise level is around 72dB on average, with a max of 85dB.  60-65dB can be described as a “normal conversation” and 85dB as city traffic (inside a car).  Here’s a recording. You can download a decibel app on your phone and turn the volume up until it's in the 70dB range to understand how it will sound. In summary, running your machine slowly would probably be ok for your neighbor within working hours. I wouldn't recommend having someone above if you wanted to speed up your production, as the machine gets louder at higher speeds.

    Thanks, Gerard




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