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Warm up file



  • Gerard Rubio

    Joe McFadden The warm-up file is mostly advised to run entirely when you receive the machine since it has been traveling for a few weeks inside its crate. It is also recommended you run it for a while when you receive the machine as the machine is shipped clean of oil, so you get to oil it well for the first time. If you use it often it is not required to run the warm-up file.  

    However, as with any machine that has moving parts, it is always advised to start knitting slowly for the first 20-30 minutes before going for high speeds so everything gets warmed up. That will make your machine perform better and last longer. Even if you are knitting a piece that you've knitted hundreds of times, it is good you do it initially at slower speeds for a few minutes. 

    If you don't want to change the speeds of your piece, it is then when the warm-up file comes in handy, as you can use the file to get the machine moving as the first thing you do when get to your machine and while you work on other things.

  • LeBrie Rich


    I haven't been using my machine for about 6 months... I'm waiting for the design software to become more user friendly. Thanks to everyone who is working to make that happen!

    Do I need to do any maintenance to ensure the longevity of my Kniterate when it's not in use? Do any lubricating, etc? I do have it covered with a big sheet so it's not getting dusty.

    Excited to get to work on her once the software is kinder to this non-techy lady. :)


  • Gerard Rubio

    Hi LeBrie. Before you store your machine for long periods, please make sure needle beds and carriage rails are well lubricated, that will keep them in great shape for many many years. Then make sure all the doors are closed and cover the machine with a big sheet as you are doing, that will prevent it from accumulating dust. Thank you for your message.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Can I ask if the warm up program is on the machine or is it pre loaded on the sd card?

  • OJ

    The warmup is on Google drive. 


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