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  • Robert Ingemarsson

    Hi Cat, Welcome to the forums - As you can see there are some great swatches being knitted showing how you can knit some amazing samples.  

    I can't answer the question on experienced knitters, but we were complete knitting novices when we receive to machine and have been producing a range of knitted scarves which you can see at

    We are waiting for the new software to be released allowing us to make more complex designs in the app we cant wait to see what we will be able to do.


  • Catriona

    Are you only able to make scarves at present.

  • Robert Ingemarsson

    Catriona we are still running production runs daily on the machine for our retail outlets so at the moment we have little time to do new designs as the business is taking all the machine time.

    We have just started work on beanies, and thinner scarves but (as novices knitters) we are waiting for the new version of the software to allow us to do more complex things (such as shaping) for our jumpers we are planning for next season,

    plasmatopia has been doing some great things as you can see in this post

  • Cadenzaclothes

    Hi Catriona,

    Just saw your post and thought I would add that you can do shaping in the current app - I have managed to do a raglan decrease, and increases are also possible. Using the principles of moving stitches between the beds and racking you can also create lace designs and cables. It is a bit long winded to 'program' in the app but if you understand the idea of how machine or hand knitting works you will get the hang of it quite quickly. 

    Hopefully in the future there will be more automation of these processes in the app.

    If you haven't already watched it I would suggest taking a look at Gerard's video of how to program cables here

    Don't be put off if you feel a bit lost to begin with. It is quite a sharp learning curve, but once you have your machine to produce the designs you create in the app it gets to be a lot more fun! 

    In the meantime I'd suggest playing around in the app to familiarise yourself with it.


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