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Whole Garment Knitting on 2 Beds



  • Gerard Rubio

    - As with every knit, speed could probably be increased with time and mastery.

    - To get a thicker beanie, it could be interesting to try with some kind of wool that shrinks considerably, so you'd knit it oversized and get it to the target size after steaming.

    Nice picture! :)

  • mark

    Sometimes you just need to serve fashion, and throw function to the wind. Following the knit hat trend as I do oh so closely, even bucket hats with flow thru ventilation are happening with today youths.  Trust me on this I was outside my house as recently as 11 months ago.

  • mark

    A more serious response, than the one still pending.    What I often do, on hand machines, is make a reversible beanie, kniting one top down and the other bottom up. Could you copy the kCodeOld file, reverse the order of the rows and then append the the first.  Not binding off at the end of the first copy, but instead merging into the the  second copy. Probably changing the yarn color or pattern to emphasize ther reversiblity.  Even the cut and sewn ones that I buy are often double layered so it is jersey on both inside and out.

  • plasmatopia

    Those cats, though....

  • OJ

    Party on! :)

  • Samantha Bianchi

    Is anyone able to share a visualization of casting on in the round on the machine?

    A few thoughts as a hand knitter:

    Some wools 'bloom' when you wash them. Fine merinos but also most woolen spun yarn.

    I wonder if color work would increase the thickness? Stranded color work is much warmer than plain stockinette.

    Folks with the Addi circular machine make long tubes for hats, fold them to double the thickness and draw in the tops.

  • Robert Ingemarsson

    Cats just love the Kniterate Machine (And nibbling the yarn).... Cant keep them away!!!


    Will try that reverable beanie sometime, and the alternative wool types... : 


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