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Generate multiple increases and understanding how to do shaping



  • Yolanda quan

    Hello Lila, I'm Yolanda from Kniterate. The shape you're trying to knit is quite difficult for the machine. Especially knitting the rows on the left side while keeping the others on hold. I'm not sure if you will be able to knit such a long distance.

    Regarding the cast on of new stitches I have some suggestions for you.
    The screenshot you attached looks good, just make sure to knit all the rows of the “waste and cast on” section. the waste part needs to reach the rollers. As soon as the machine has started to knit the “waste and cast on” section, I recommend you to put the roller to 0 for as many rows as possible. That way the stitches on hold are under less tension. For the circular rows in the waste section you probably have to add roller but as I said, try with as little roller as possible. 
    Once you've started to knit the main part (yarn carrier 4) I recommend you to knit the needles that are on hold for 1 or 2 rows  (with carrier 3). Otherwise I think they will be on hold for two long and break. Also make sure to park carrier 3 on the right side and not on the left (simply by adding or deleting one row). That way it will be out of the way. I assume that everything will be knitted in the same color, right? If so, I recommend you to continue knitting with carrier 4 for the part where you're using all needles again and leave carrier 3 on the right side the whole time.

    I hope my explanations were clear enough and that I was able to help. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out. 

  • Christine

    Hi Lila. It sounds like you are new to the Kniterate? If so, I highly recommend OJ 's online classes. She really helps to get you started with the software - which has quite a steep learning curve. I am not sure if this forum allows for links, but here it is 


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