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  • Christine

    Hi Lisa. Many of us use Design-A-Knit to shape garments. DAK can export a file that is readable by the Kniterate app. Additionally, in the past I've used an online program called “Stitch Fiddle” to help layout knitting graphs if that is what you are looking for. 

    To help get you started in the Kniterate App itself. I highly recommend taking OJ 's classes that are specifically about this program. You can find them at ojolly(dot)net. 

  • Lisa Whiting

    Thanks Christine! I put an order in and am just waiting for it to show up. Unfortunate, that they don't have a download option, since its just software

  • Lila Rousselet

    Hi Christine,

    I noticed that it's better to use Design a knit version 9 to easily transfer a pattern or a shape to Kniterate but I was wondering if there is a way or a trick to do the same with the version 8. 

    I think we need to export file in .txt but I have a hard time finding a way to do that in DK8.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Christine

    Hi Lila Rousselet. It is my understanding that only DAK9 (and I assume future DAK versions) can export Kniterate compatible files. It might be helpful to email someone at Softbyte to confirm this.

  • OJ

    Lila Rousselet I had to upgrade from DAK8. DAK9 has the Export to Kniterate option. Also you need to choose Kniterate in Method of Knitting. That choice wasn't available in DAK8.


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