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Maybe a solution for many problems



  • Laurence

    I think this is causing me issues too. Can you explain how you tested which feeders had issues? Are you saying that you tested every needle, then every other needle, then every third needle etc with each feeder?


  • Ole Johan Aanestad

    Hi Laurence
    I will make a video for you, showing how (you may mail me at

    I can try explain here:
    I started knit with the first feeder - then I stop the machine in the middle of the knitting row, so you see the tread from the feeder and how it's "lane" true the needles as on the drawing abow.
    Then I adjusted the (I not know what it's called - but the part on the first picture) so the tread goes true needle 1 and 2 as (green) on the drawing.
    What I discovered are that if the tread are to low, it can miss the needle, the same if it's to high.

    I repeated that on every feeder, both going right and left.

    - I have just also discovered something om my unit that may can cause some issues, but I am not sure yet.
    What I discovered, ate that the beds are not aligned (from factory) there are a gap between the beds on the left side of about 7mm, while it is 11mm on the right side.)
    I not know if this are the result of me having "problems" with the "start-up" as yarn very often not go down (it clumb, and I have to clean out  - trying again and again, until a "lucky moment")
    I just can imagine that 7mm gap, may be to small and 4 mm difference (left/right) I imagine also will be a difference how the needles catch the yarn from side to side.
    The funny thing is that I can't see loops differences on the finished knitted product.
    Maybe Gerard Rubio can have a aswer her?

  • Ole Johan Aanestad

    Yeah (???) - someone just finishing the Ph.D education?

  • Laurence

    Hi Ole,


    Just wanted to say that these changes seemed to have resolved 99% of my issues. We had guidance from Gerard to make the same adjustments and the samples seem to be working in the most part,


    Thank you so much for your help with this. 


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