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Troubles getting started



  • OJ

    There's a good article on tensioning here. You may need to adjust both top and lateral tensions. 

    The stitch size will depend on what you're knitting. With NM 7 yarn I've used size 8 for jersey and size 4/4 for 1x1 rib (pitch).

    I haven't experimented with speed enough to know for sure about knitting too slowly, but I know it's possible to knit too quickly! I'm a slow knitter too when I'm knitting something for the first time. I'll usually start out at 200 before working my way up to a faster speed.

    Re removing the knitting, if the knitting has progressed enough to be caught by the rollers, one way is to bring the feeders to edges, secure the tensioners, and continue knitting without yarn. If the knitting hasn't reached the rollers, you'll need to remove the knitting manually.

    Have you tried knitting the Kniterate scarf (kcode file) yet? It's a good first project. There's also the beanie design app (buck) file. You'll be able to see the settings for the NM 3.5 yarn knitting jersey, decreases, and 2x1 rib.  Kniterate files

  • mieke

    thank you for the reply.

    I don't even get past the starting stitches, so it has nothing to do with the design or pull, because the fabric is not in the rollers yet.

    Is there a good starting point for positioning the tension knob  on the upper arm, brake discs and left side? So i can start from there and finetune it?

    the machine begins with the first row, and that seems ok, the second one as well, than the tension start to get a bit loose and by the time the machine takes the second color it already goes wrong all the way

    Or is there another way to start knitting apart from the starting stitches that are programmed?

    And also, is there maybe a little film where i can see the tension arms moving like they should? because on the youtube channel of kniterate you only find zoomed in films on the needle, but not the tension arm etc..

    I really hope i can get past this ;)

    Thank you

  • Dorin

    How's your progress, mieke?

  • Laurence

    OJ is the KCODE file above for the Kniterate scarf the same as a kc file? do we just have to change the name and the machine will knit it? or is there a buck file for it too? 

    We are trying to knit our first piece and want something simple to try out and also understand the software element. 



  • OJ

    Laurence Yes, it's the same as a kc file. You will need to rename the file as command.kc for Kniterate to knit. In the code you'll see the feeder setup is

    //   1: draw thread
    //   2: waste yarn
    //   3: yarn for jacquard / cast-on and bind-off
    //   4: yarn for jacquard
    //   5: not in use
    //   6: not in use

    As far as I know there is no buck file for the scarf.

  • Laurence

    Thank you. Will give this a try @OJ


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