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Tension settings help.


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  • Robert Ingemarsson

    Looks like a few people are struggling with this, and there have been discussions in the Facebook Forum so thought I would copy some of the information that seems to help across to here.

    An example of a knit dropping stitches on the right hand side...

    Why does this happen?

    This often happens on other knitting machines when the yarn feeder (above the machine) is slightly too loose - I’d try adjusting how taut the yarn is above your machine. Usually (on shima) this isn’t a programme issue.

    Also - when the left side is dropping - it’s almost always the yarn feeder is too loose, or sometimes the yarn carrier (taking the yarn across the needle bed) is moving too far past the end of the working needles / your knitting . I’ve found almost all dropped stitches at either side are due to this rather than needles / programme.


    Adjusting the tension

    We (Ecoknitware) spent a long time getting our tension for our yarn just right - we have not changed it in 2 years and never have any problems the 2 tensions I think are related and just like embroidery machines they need to be in sync and the yarn of course has an effect on this …. We always use the same yarn thank goodness!!  We use a well spun 2/16 wool yarn.


    Side Tension Settings

    We have found that this setting on the side (for single bed , or 2 colour jacquard works for us)



    Based on this, the swatch above was reknitted with changed tension settings, and now its all knitting beautifully.


    Hope this helps everyone...


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