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  • Robert Ingemarsson

    Great to see such progress on the software - can’t wait to get out hands down n it and start production of knit on demand shaped garments :) well done

  • KatieS


    In the past, the blog has been updated about every quarter, but have not seen a new post since Feb 2022.  Will there be a new blog post sometime soon?

    The Kniterate home page does say “Shipping Now!” so I hope that means that things are going well with the new factory.

    Please let us all know how everything is going.

    Thank you!

  • Mark Guidarelli

    Can we please get an update? Mar-Apr and now May-Jun have passed. Would appreciate some form of communication.

  • Gerard Rubio

    Apologies for the delayed update. We have been very busy and focused on making machines. We are working on the update now and it should be out soon. Thank you.

  • Mark Guidarelli

    Much appreciated!  Very excited to get my Kniterate, I working in a manufacturing business and can appreciate all the global supply chain and shipping/logistics you must be experiencing.  Look forward to the update and thank so much for the response, appreciated.



  • Steve Predko

    Hi Gerard, we appreciate how busy you are, but we’ve had very little information this year. The timeline doc shows more deliveries moving to 2023.

    any information you can share can help us plan our businesses around the machine delivery. 

  • Dr. Patricia Beckmann Wells


    The excel sheet that projected deliveries is not not working.  Can you update this or explain why it was changed to a non functioning excel sheet?


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