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rear view uses draw thread?


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  • plasmatopia

    Hi ralv lundahl,

    I have also encountered the issues you have described.  I try to remember to always check the "rear" view in pattern mode before compiling, but occasionally I forget and a wrong color (or draw thread) finds its way into the back bed.  I advise against trying to fix this in the k-code - it is easy to get it goofed up.

    I have two workarounds to correct the problem in the graphical Knitereate design software, without directly changing yarn feeder for the back bed, which I agree seems impossible.  The first is to copy/paste from another region with the same stitch pattern and correct colors, if possible.  

    The second approach is to start off with plain stockinette/jersey stitch in the front bed only -- it should be possible to get each stitch the color you want using the drawing tools with the selected feeders.  Once the colors are set, *then* modify the stitch types (switch from a knit stitch on the front bed to a tuck stitch on the back, for example) - the stitch type will change, without affecting the stitch color.  

    If your stitch pattern repeats, you can use the above approach for one repeat, and then copy/paste to everywhere else you want the same pattern.

    Fixing the feeder selection problem may clear up the "clump" problem as well.  Let us know if it persists, though, as it could have another cause.

    Good luck!


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