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Seeking estimates of US Shipping, initial setup cost



  • Jipke Lezwijn

    Hi mark!

    Something that can cause additional costs in the setup is if the machine cannot be transported on dollies, for example, if there is no elevator or if the staircase is too steep or narrow. Robert Ingemarsson for example had to hire a crane to get the machine into the space.

    My best advice would be to make sure to define a route that is as smooth as possible to go through and measure everything. Feel free to check with us if you're wondering if something could be an issue! There may be some additional information here in case you hadn't seen this yet.



  • Robert Ingemarsson

    Hi - Happy to give advice if necessary as we have to crane down into a basement, and then down steps inside the property.  We built our opn platform with wheels for the processes which made life much easier :)


  • mark

    Thanks for your responses.  Hopefully headed towards a converted light industrial space where tight spaces are less likely to be an issue ( ).  No basements to worry about here in New Orleans, even burial is above ground.  Don't fret the London connection is all there, in fact it was Kniterate folks that connected me with the architects a few years back ( ) when they were designing the space.

    Forgot to ask about yarns recommendations for initial learning-to-use-the-machine-runs as well, especially any US based vendors.

  • Robert Ingemarsson

    :):) Lucky you !!!!  Sounds a dream install :):

    For yarn, we have been using from day one (and still using today) both wool / cashmere  & wool / alpaca blends.  Our Yarn is 2/16 (nm 8), and our spinner prides themselves on producing yarn that has long threads and is spun well so it does not break.  

    Afraid we cant give you any US based vendors..

  • OJ

    Hi mark,

    I've been compiling a list of coned yarn suppliers in the US and Canada that I've used in the past or that have come highly recommended. My favorite yarns so far have been from JaggerSpun, 2 ends of SuperLamb, equivalent of Nm 6. (This is their only line where they use Nm yarn count system.) Their Super Fine Merino, wc 2/18, approx. Nm 10, I'm finding is good for lace.

    For learning, I'd recommend Peter Patchis. He has all mill ends and post-production stuff, but I've gotten some wonderful yarns for very little. It's hit or miss though as to what he has in stock at the time. It's best to get on his monthly mailing list or call him on the phone.

    Anyone want to add to the list?

  • Samantha Bianchi

    My local yarn shop (Cici's Wool) caters to weavers and carries Maurice Brassard. The owner said she would be able to order use her wholesale account to get me cones they don't normally carry.

    Someone on Instagram (maybe OJ?) told me they'd had success with Brown Sheep fingering weight, although that's 2800 yard per pound, a little heavy for the machine. (Although I was under the impression two ends of 2/24 yarn is basically fingering weight)

    I believe I am in the current batch and I've got my fingers crossed the machine gets here before my sister's baby is due in August. 

  • OJ

    Hi Samantha Bianchi,

    I've heard good things about Maurice Brassard yarn but haven't tried it yet. If you do use it, could you let us know how you like it? How great your LYS will order for you!

    I wasn't the one on IG using Brown Sheep fingering, though I also read that from someone. I have used a fingering equivalent, 2 ends of 2/20 wc (approx. Nm 5.6). It was a birdseye jacquard, very firm and not recommended for a garment. I knitted it very slowly. I wouldn't recommend anything with tucks or more than one loop on a needle with that weight yarn.


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