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  • Robert Ingemarsson


    We used this company for our table - Make sure you have some stron men or a lift if you choose a high table.

    As you may want to get around the back and sides of the machine you may want to consider having in on a usit with rollers so its easily moved.

    Tim & Robert


  • Katy Grieve

    Hi Catriona,

    We wanted to give some tips and examples of the types of tables or work benches we recommend for your Kniterate Machine as this is essential for it to work well and safely.

    - They must be strong/sturdy with thick structure parts, minimizing sway or movement. The table should be placed flat on the floor. You may have wheels but they need to be sturdy and with a strong break. Rubber feet at the end of table legs are ideal as this would provide good grip on the floor.

    - They must be big enough! The machine is 60”x 28” x 26” / 152cm x 70cm x 65cm (Width x Height x Depth). We recommend getting a table depth 8” deeper than the machine (34” total Depth) so you can put yarns on the back of the table if you work with fine yarn and ply it. Then you don’t have to put them on the floor.

    - Choose a height that’s best for you, so you can still work easily on the machine if you have to lean in to change needles or jacks. There’s an option to use a stool to thread the yarn control unit at the top. 

    - The table should be braced or reinforced at the back for stability, so that the legs always stay parallel. Please make sure joints are solid - big welds and/or screws are usually good.

    - It needs to withstand a weight of 500kg / 1100lbs. We recommend placing your Kniterate on an industrial workbench as these can withstand this weight.

    - Make sure your table construction is made out of materials such as metal and/or wood. Avoid plastic parts as these tend to be weaker.

    It is essential to pick your table carefully, for full functioning use of your Kniterate. If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to ask us. Below we have links to potential tables/benches for the Kniterate Machine in your workshop:









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  • Sam B

    Can I get opinions on a table I'm considering buying?

    I'm not having any luck finding something to meet the specs locally, so I'm looking at Global Industrial even though the shipping is almost $200. 

    72"W x 36"D Adjustable Height Workbench C-Channel Leg - Shop Top Square Edge - Black


  • OJ

    Sam B Looks good to me.

    Specs are similar to mine except for depth. Mine is only 30" deep, which means I put any extra yarn cones on the floor instead of behind the machine on the table. The table top seems to be a new offering. I have the older butcher block version, but both tables are rated 2000 lbs. capacity, so probably not much difference other than look.

  • Kathi Kuehn

    This is a Benchmaster table waiting for a Kniterate arrival (can be both on legs and casters). Rated for 500 kg.

  • Robert Ingemarsson

    ohhhhhh - now that is NICE :):)


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