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yarn carriers, carriage, and needles desyncing issue



  • Alyssa Grube

    just wanted to comment the fix- 

    the issue that was occurring was the yarn selectors were bumping the yarn carrier bows on the tracks over the incorrect section of the knit. 

    one of the comments of this post suggested tightening the yarn carriers on their track. I took the allen wrench that comes with the machine delivery and tightened the screw under the yarn carrier track attachment, sliding it along the track while tightening each screw on both sides of the yarn feeder until it was right before it was too tight to move. this created a friction force to resist getting bumped but not so much as to resist being moved for knitting. this fixed all the issues we were experiencing. 

  • Ariadna Pons

    Hi Alyssa Grube

    I'm glad the problem is solved.

    Thank you for the update!


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