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  • Corrine Jimenez

    I was a backer in Batch 5, initially expected to arrive in April 2020 - lol

    I just paid my balance today and was told my machine would ship in April 2024…I’m also curious is machines have actually been going out and what folks’ experiences were. I’m in the US and am starting to get worried about the customs costs, I think I’ll have to pay on the value of the machine vs what I actually paid (which was less). I’ll write back if I learn anything!

  • Christina Martin

    I am in the US- Chicago- and received my machine last year in March. The customs was about $2000 and then the freight was $760. We also paid the guys who unloaded the machine an extra $200 cash because there were only 3 of them even though we had asked for 4 and confirmed there would be four people for the machine. The trickiest bit was communicating with the freight company. My husband and I called a few companies that listed piano moving experience, and from there we did a price comparison. Hopefully you will not be charged the value of the machine but, the cost is truly going to depend on where you are located. 


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