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Yarn Breaking Issues



  • Ariadna Pons

    Hi fien wouters

    could you share the yarn specs and settings used (stitch size, roller…)

    It would be great to take a look at the buck file too.


  • fien wouters


    First of all, thank you for the response. 

    The yarn we have used for the samples is a 50/50 mix of wool and acrylic 3ply. If are understanding is correct, the weight is about NM7. 

    From looking at the samples while they're being run on the machine, our main issue seems to be the yarn ripping or dropping during or after the transfers between beds.

    Regarding the settings. When tried different combinations of speed (100 - 400) and stitch sizes (4-8). Apart from the obvious change in tightness of the knit, we haven't noticed a major change in the failure pattern. We've tried changing the roller setting slightly, but this caused more dropped stitches then shown here. 

    After the previous post, we also experimented with a 50/50 NM30/2 yarn, but that gave us similar results, as you can see. The curious thing is that both samples have good parts as well. Like, for example, those marked in red.

  • Ariadna Pons

    Hi fien wouters

    thank you for the info. 

    The yarn seems to be ok.

    I have seen a few things in your file that should be changed:

    1. The stitch size for the transfers is generally too large, they will work much better if you change it to 3-4. Also, we recommend setting the speed lower for transfer operations (around 100). See blue marks in the picture below.

    2. The transfers marked in green don't make much sense before a row of full needle zigzag. However, you are missing some transfers above that row (see green arrow) to prepare for the upcoming “5x5 rib”.

    3. The stitch size for the interlock part after tha cast-on (marked in purple) could also be smaller. Usually, structures using both needle beds (ribs, interlock) require a smaller stitch size than single-bed structures.

    This is how it should look like:

    I hope this helps!

    Let us know if you need further assistance. :)

  • fien wouters

    Thank you very very much. It helped a lot. 

    Kind regards!


  • Swen Eichelberger



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