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  • OJ

    Marco Meijer  You can edit the values in the columns by adding a Free Edit layer to the command stack. You can do this quickly by clicking on the “Introduce a free edit” button in left hand side toolbox, second row.

    If you want to edit the values as a batch, add Edit Options column layer to the command stack. 

    For more info see the software manual

  • Marco Meijer

    Sorry, you're right, just reading the manual.. 

  • Marco Meijer

    Was there an update today on the design software? Is there a list of changes of the recent updates?

    We got a new error, this afternoon, saying yarnStart! yarn. Can't find  what it is.

  • Ariadna Pons

    Hi Marco, 

    did you get this error in the middle of knitting or before it had started?

    Could you please send us your stack file at so we can check if there are any errors?



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