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Help with Carriage Issues



  • Ariadna Pons

    Hi Pia, 

    the first thing you should try is turning the black wheel to enable the sensor as per this video.

    If it still continues with the noise and the sensor doesn't light up you could check the motor's connections as per this other video.

    Please let us know if the issue persists.


  • Pia

    Hi Ariadna,

    thank you so much for the quick reply!

    Turning the black wheel did solve the lighting up of the sensor, but the noise persisted.

    Checking the motor's connections did not solve the issue, but what [we think] helped was turning the wheel in the front of the carriage as per this post. The wheel was inbetween two slots so we think this might have been causing the noise-issue.

    The machine is knitting fine now! Thank you for the help :)


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