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Split Stitch Help



  • Ariadna Pons

    Hi Laurence, 

    have you tried to see what happens if you don't use the split stitch and go directly to the interlock?  Does that not work well?

    Can you tell at what moment the yarn broke? Do you think there was a lot of tension in the split stitches with the 0.5 rack?

  • Laurence

    Hi Ariadna Pons

    When I go straight to the interlock stitches it creates small eyelets at the end of the jersey so isn't as nice a transition as I want. 

    I have done some more testing and it seems to have issues with multiple split stitches next to each other. On the slip stitch row it crates lots of kicks and doesn't really perform the expected stitches. Ive tried doing 2 roes and alternating them but that doesn't work either.  If I do them a few stitches apart it seems to work. So not sure how to set it up. 

    Ive decided to remove them all together and reduce the stitch size at the last jersey row to reduce the size of the eyelets but this is a compromise.

  • Swen Eichelberger

    Hello, I love to knit.


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